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Stretching, Yoga or Pilates.

I have to say I love a good stretch.  Why does stretching feel so good? Because it is.  It is so good for me (and for you too).

I’m not too sure what attracted me to yoga.  I guess I like the holistic side of it.  It feels good for my body, but it calms my mind.

Stretching is also fantastic for runners.  I have benefited from a good yoga/stretch routine after a long run.  It has helped with my total body fitness, to be pain free, with agility and with balance, and so many other different aspects of my fitness, but also my life.

Take example today.  Today I was suppose to do a 6km easy pace run.  However my body feels pooped.  I’m been doing some crazy workouts for quite a while now, and I can feel that my body is just not up to it’s peak performance.  Today I did not do my run (the other reason is that it’s going to be hot of 35c), I instead did a yoga routine.  The yoga routine I wanted to do I couldn’t find 😦 but I did still do my yoga (it was relatively easy, which I was disappointed in but still felt great all the same), and now I feel a lot more relaxed.  My body feels relaxed, and not tired or sore.

I needed a rest.  And tomorrow I go back into my crazy workout routine again.  Insert *sigh* here.  Why a sigh? Well I just feel like I’m really pushing myself, so I’m going to reassess my workouts, in the lead up to my tough mudder.  I have also planned on my recovery program.  I’m not sure if I will do the whole 90 days program, but I am planning on starting Tai Cheng.

So even if you thing that yoga, pilates, stretching, tai chi or any other form of ‘relaxation’ exercise is not for you.  Give it a go, and do it regularly you will be surprised at how and where you will benefit from it.