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Ipad Alternative

Something totally not fitness related, but I thought I would add. 

I love Apple products.

I fell in love with Apple when I got an iTouch a few years ago.  When that got sad, I replaced it with an iPod nano (which I still have and still use), and then a refurbished iPhone 3 (which is great, but it’s a bit of a dinosaur now, and is very slow, can’t wait to upgrade).

Well I would totally love an iPad, but can’t afford it right now.  Also the kids would fight over it because they would want to use it all the time, and well I can’t afford one let alone two.

When we are on long trips, I do let my kids play with my phone (yes there are kid friendly apps on there, I’m a mum, I need to keep my sanity).

Well a few weeks ago Australia had a “Click Frenzy” Sale.  (Think America’s Black Friday Sales, but all online.)  They ended up calling it Click Fail because a lot of people couldn’t get to the relevant websites to get their deals.

Me however.  I got my deal 🙂

I found this

A 7″ Android powered tablet.  I got it for $99.  So natural I got 2.  😀

Now some of you may think, that’s a bit of an indulgent.  But let me tell you this.  A few weeks ago our dvd player for the car died. One TV screen was working and the other wasn’t.  To get a new one it was going to cost $80 just for 1.  $150 for dual ones.  I figured, why not get this instead.  I can put games, education apps, put movies on it, as well as music and books.  So I was sold, and it has been one of the best investments.  We do a lot of travelling up and down the highway, and if we want to do ‘decent’ shopping it’s a 45min drive one way or 1h20 the other way.  So this keeps the kids entertained.  It was well worth it.

So if you can’t afford and iPad, go the Dxtreme.  I’m really happy with mine, and you know what, the kids don’t know the difference.