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Ever have those days?

Where… hmm I don’t know how to explain it, but I will do as best as I can. 

Ok so today marks the birth of me. I’ve been around now for 32 years.  Still a spring chicken? Well I hope so.
I stopped making a big deal about (my) birthdays a few years ago.  Why? Well because I had been disappointed too many times, and well, why should it be restricted to being told that I’m awesome and appreciated etc to just 1 day of the year.  Well I do hope you know what I mean. 

So I tired to kept the day as close to normal as possible.  And you know what I totally enjoyed it.  Yeah growing old is a privilege denied to many, so I don’t deny growing up or old.  In fact I enjoy my life more now than I ever did.  Sure it has it’s ups and downs but I’m truly happy, in fact the happiest I’ve been in a very long time. 

It was also good to spend time with my family, my new friends and even get an email from a friend I lost in contact with many years ago. 

Some times things just come full circle. 

So do you see what I mean? Ever have one of those days? Today was that day, and I don’t and didn’t mind. 


Being Serious

From November 2011

You know you are being serious bout how exercise/fitness/health has changed your life, when you:

block out times to do exercise.
wake up at 5.30am to exercise
convert your dvd’s to mp4, so you can dumb them on your netbook, and take that with you on holidays
when your clothes don’t fit you, and you have to get new ones
that you have become regular… yay to no more constipation
when the sugary foods you use to eat tones of you find way too sweet, and can only mange 1 or 2.
you really enjoy fresh foods, and trying new things
start to look at races to enter and compete in (so many too, and i’m excited)
you have more energy
you feel good about yourself
Fitness etc is still not my entrinstic priority. I still need to be accountable for it. But that’s ok, I know the more I do it the more it will reinforce a good habit.