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Onion Running Tips

While on my run today I was thinking of all the things I have learned while running.

So I thought why not share them.

So here are Onion Girl’s Running Tips.

  1. Hydration.
    It’s important people.  Hydrate before a run, and after your run.
    If you are going on a run that is longer than 10km then you need to consider taking water with you.  Invest in a fuel belt or a camelbak.  I have a camelbak aka a hydration backpack.  It holds 2 litres, but I only put 750m to 1 litre in there if I’m going on a run between 12-16km.  Over 16km I put more.
    I say this because I learnt the hard way.  I went on a 14km and by the 8km mark I was starting to feel it, but the end of the run, I was knackered. Yes I hydrated myself with an electolyte drink and water for the rest of the day, but that did not stop the dehydration headache that I got by the evening.
  2. Long, Tempo, Hill/Speedwork runs
    If you want to improve your running and your distance, then these are important.
    I have found that by including these in my runs, it has not only made my longer runs easier, but my shorter runs faster.
    I’m not a huge fan of speedwork, but I do a lot of hill runs. They both have benefits, and will improve your running.
  3. Join a Running Club or Find a Running Buddy
    There is nothing like the motivation of another runner to make you go faster and harder.  I love my running club and I’m so happy that I joined this year, not only has my running fitness improved but it’s such a great environment.
  4. Get fitted for shoes at a specialised running store
    If you love running like I do, then having the right type of shoe is important.  You don’t have to buy from the store if you don’t want to, cause sometimes you can find them cheaper online. But it’s really important that you find the right type of shoe for your foot.
    So go to a store where they get you on a treadmill and record you running barefoot.
  5. Compression Socks
    If you just run short distances then compression socks are a must, but in my opinion if you are going to run more than 10km invest in a few pairs.  Sure they might set you back $10 a pair, but they are worth it.
    Believe me I have had blisters on my feet from the wrong type of socks, and it’s not nice at all.

Ok so there are 5.  I’m sure more will come to me, but I think these 5 are pretty good.