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In The Paper

One of the advantages of a small town, is well sometimes they get starved for news. However I love seeing people I know in the local paper, and well this time around it’s me!

The article isn’t much, but I still made the paper. Doesn’t mention that I made a pb, but us girls are totally rocking this season that’s for sure. And I can’t believe I beat Sharon by only .22 seconds (on handicap)!

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5km Time Smash

I love setting goals.  But the best part of setting goals is achieving them.  It is truly satisfying.

When I started setting goals last year (2011) I had on there to run a 5km race. I didn’t set a time.  I set a distance.  5km seemed far, well from a none runner, but totally doable.
The race that I ended achieving this goal at was Run for the Kids, which was back in April 2012 (it was 5.2km).  I ran that race in 28mins (something).
I have since then had other running goals.  One of those particular running goals was to run a sub 25min 5km.  That means having an average pace of 5min’s per km.  Sounds doable, right?

Well 25th August 2012, I achieved that goal.  It was the SAAC 5km sealed handicap.  (Sealed meaning that everyone starts at the same time, this has it’s advantages because it means you can push yourself to run that much harder to try and keep up to the person in front.)
The run was up in the Ironbarks in Stawell.  Home ground advantage because I run in this area all the time.  I didn’t run this particular course before, but I have run parts of the tracks at various stages, so I was familiar with the course overall.

So I ran, and I ran well.  A new personal best (pb) in fact.  My end time was 23:42.  BOOYEAH! That goal was my bitch and I SMASHED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAAC 5km pb

Not only did I get a fantastic time, I also ended up winning the handicap.  I was completely shocked and surprised by it actually, but I was very happy.  Means I get to be in the local paper again, so that will get filed away once it’s printed.

Race – SAAC S & K Watson 5km Championship by matilda_i at Garmin Connect – Details.

There is also one other thing that I need to mention.  I decided to run from the club house to the start line (approx 2km).  I wasn’t going fast, I was going at an easy steady pace, my warm up.  I ran with some other runners, and we got a chatting.  Two of those runners actually asked me if I had lost more weight.  I told them no I hadn’t (cause it’s true I’ve been hovering around the same weight for a while now).  They both told me I was looking skinny.  This was a big thing for me because I have never felt skinny (ever), but that fact that other people are telling me this means that I must be doing something right.  It was a good feeling.
After the race (before presentations), I got asked again (but 2 other people) if I had lost more weight.  Again I had to say that I hadn’t.
Today I got some progress pictures taken (because it has been a while since I’ve taken any)

There are not a lot of full body photo’s of me (mostly head shots and loads of my kids), so today when I saw the photo’s I could actually see my achievements, I can actually see that I’m skinny!

So another achievement made, another goal crossed off the list.

It is possible

This is me 31st Dec 2009 | Early Jan 2010
Photobucket Photobucket

I was about 78-80kg at the time.  I was not happy.   I may have appeared happy but I was miserable in all area’s of my life.

It wasn’t until around this time last year that I decided to do something about my life, to really take control over it.

Sure losing weight was a huge part of it.  But the other part of it was really setting goals, and achieving them.

My Weight-loss Progress


progress 20th feb 2012

may 2012 progress


The last set of photo’s.  Well they are from today.  My weight is anywhere from 63-64kg. My aim now is just to tone up.  I’m not fussed about the overall number, as I’m really happy with my achievements.  So yes it is possible.  You don’t have to lose weight fast (I didn’t, it took me a year to loose 15kg) to get results.  Just keeping pushing yourself, cause anything is possible.

Soon I will

We all say ‘Someday’ or soon I will.

Someday I will go on that oversea’s trip.
Someday I will have that veggie patch.
Someday I will fix the door.
Someday I will lose that weight.

Don’t make it ‘someday’, make it today.  We all have dreams, we all have idea’s.  Things we want to do or achieve. Most of the time we just don’t know where to start.  But isn’t it better to just start somewhere than not at all.  The thing is that when we have an idea we simple have no idea how to develop it. Let’s take losing weight as an example.

Ok so I want to lose 15kg (well me August 2011).  How do I do it?  Well I know that I need to move more and eat less.  Sounds simple? Well in theory yes.  In reality no. Why?  For the simple fact that I need to know more details! I need to know my numbers. This is where research is so important (and google is your friend). It’s also important to write it all down! Do a brain storm aka brain dump.  Write down on paper (yes on paper using pencil/pen), everything.  And I mean everything you want to know about your given subject.  In this case weightloss.
This you may consider are.

  • Base Metabolic Rate (bmr)
  • Total Daily Energy Expenditure (tdee)
  • How many calories do I really burn each day
  • How many calories do I need to burn to lose weight
  • How much weight do I really want to lose (pick your number, your dream number, and stick to it)
  • What exercises do I want to do
  • Do I want to do this on my own, or do I need help (an accountability person)
  • What exercises can I do with an injury
  • Learn everything about exercising with an injury

And so the list goes on.

One of the things on my someday list was a veggie patch.  I say was, well because it’s in the process of development.  Sure it might be next year by the time it’s done, but that doesn’t matter it’s still coming together.
My veggie patch was an idea that I had a long time ago. (Like a few years ago.) I thought it would be good to have some home grown veggies, and also encourage the kids to eat more veggies, but also learn about how things grow.
So a veggie patch was an idea. It never went any further than that.
Fast forward to a few days ago.  The veggie patch develops from and idea to a work in process.  So what happened?  Well I’m getting my front porch/door re stumped, and well builder J has dug up a lot of dirt.  Ok so most of it is clay, but it’s better than nothing.  I have to move this dirt, as well there is going to be more dirt coming out of a small space again tomorrow. Yeah I could get builder J to do it, but he will charge me.  So instead, I borrow my mil wheelbarrow and do it myself.  I move the dirt, from the front porch to around the back of the house.  I’ve marked the area that I would like the veggie patch, and I dump the dirt.
So the dirt might be piled there for a few more weeks, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I’m working on it.

So work on your someday list.  Don’t let it just be an idea in your head or on papers.  Make it happen,  you wanted it, so go out and do it.


Noun 1. accountability – responsibility to someone or for some activity

If we really want something we go out an get it. It’s that simple.  Well it should be.  However we are human and sometimes we like to complicate things.  Sometimes we make things harder than they really should be.
For some people they need the accountability, because they don’t trust themselves.  They don’t trust themselves because they got themselves into this predicament and now they aren’t sure how to get out of it.

This is why programs like Weight Watches, Jenny Craig etc, are popular and can be successful.
I say can, because at the end of the day it’s up to the person themselves.  If they want it, they wont cheat.  But a lot, and I mean a lot of people cheat.  Everyone wants the easy way out, the quick fix, but at the end of the day, it took time for you to get to this point, it’s going to take time to get out of it.
No one suddenly puts of 10kg of fat on overnight.  So it’s expected that you aren’t going to lose it overnight.

So why accountability?  Well for some people they don’t need the extra push from someone else, but most of us do, and most of us want that extra push. This is why having an accountability person can be really motivating.

Now you don’t have to have an accountability person if you don’t want one.  I know for myself, when it comes to my exercise and my food diary, it’s so ingrained into me, I don’t need to be accountable for that.  However there are other area’s of my life where it’s nice to have someone say ‘so, how is xxx coming along’. For me that’s gardening.  I don’t really like to garden, I do it because I don’t want a feral looking garden, and if I keep on top of it it means less work long term. I also have plans/idea’s for my garden, and well it’s nice to know that they are now coming along.
For example, last year (yes last year), I purchased some mulch for one of my garden beds at the front of my house.  I had plans to do something to that bed (and still do).  The plants that were planted there died, due to the flooding rain we had (last year!), so I pulled them out, and had planned to mulch and plant something else.  Well has that happened? Er no.  However I have de:weeded the rose bed and used the mulch there.  So it’s a start. And yes I still plan on doing something to the garden bed at the front, I just haven’t decided what to plant yet. I will get there.

Like everything in life, it’s a work in progress.

So keep moving forward.  Even if you take 2 steps forward one step back, you are still going forward.

The Plateau


Reach a state of little or no change after a time of activity or progress

Anyone who ever has lost weight, or is losing weight will at some time or another reach a plateau. So far in my weight loss journey I have had a few of them.

The first time it happened to me I was really frustrated.  But the more I learned about fitness plateau’s the more determined I was to break it.

The reason I’m posting this now is for two reason’s.

  1. I came across this article the other day and just had to share it 
  2. The other reason is because I’ve just gotten over my last plateau.

I’m nearly at my ultimate goal weight.  Which is awesome really considering it was in October 2011 that I set my push goal to get to 65kg.  Back then when I was 78kg, I thought 68kg would be a dream, I never thought I would get to 65kg.  Yet when I got there earlier this year I thought my dream goal of 62kg, would totally be possible.
The reason I didn’t put 62kg down as my ultimate goal in October 2011 was because I thought I couldn’t do it, and that I would never get there.  How VERY wrong was I.  See never underestimate the power of your dreams.  If you want it bad enough it will happen.
Plateau’s happen, and the reason why mine happened was because I switched up routines.  Muscle confusion.  I went from High Intensity aerobic workouts (Insanity + running), to strength training with less cardio. The other thing was I was also training for my half marathon, so I was burning a lot of calories. So yes when my half finished. I pretty much stacked on a kg (2.2lbs). (I went from 63.1kg | 138.82lbs to 64kg | 140.8lbs).  Was I worried about it? No.  I wont lie and say I didn’t like the fact that the number on the scale went up (I was still down in cm, so that’s a plus), but I knew that I was at a good cardio peak, it was time to get that strength.  This is why I decided to do p90x (as a hybrid with TurboFire & Running). I’ve been doing p90x for a month now, and it’s only now that the number has moved.  Not much, but it’s moving.
The point is that plateau’s happen, and you have to understand why they happen, and the best way to break them.

I will be honest, and I’m glad that I lost my weight slowly.  Yeah it’s taken me a year to lose 14kg | 30.8lbs, but by doing it slowly the weight will stay off.  The other reason is, well I’ve tried calorie restriction (1200 per day), and well it just does not work for me.  I get so hungry, and then make bad/poor choices.  I also use to not eat my exercise calories back, I do no however.  So yes my progress might be slow, but I rather it be slow and stay off permanently than for it to come off quickly, and for it all to come back again.
I’m not the same person that I use to be.  I like the person I have become.  I’m a better version of me, skinnier.  I never thought I would get in size 12 pants, let alone size 10 now.  The point is you know what works for you, but don’t lie to yourself, don’t be lazy, don’t say you are going to do it tomorrow, because yesterday you said tomorrow.  If you want it, you’ll get it, even if you hit some plateau’s along the way don’t let that make you fall into old ways. Push through, if I can do it, you can too.