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Insanity Asylum – My thoughts

So I’m now into my 4th week of my Asylum/Running Hybrid.  I still have another 6 weeks to go. But I thought I would give you all and update on what it’s all going.

Asylum is nothing like Insanity.  You can see elements of Insanity, but Asylum is definitely your sports performance workout. Well what would you expect when it is marketed as a ‘sports performance’ workout.

Now I would call it High Intensity Athletic Drills or High Intensity Athletic Training.  HIAD or HIAT.

No joke, Asylum is hard work, and the training intervals in there are tough.

However that being said, I can already see an improvement in my performance in just this short amount of time.

Speed and Agility have really helped me to focus on accuracy.  Sure I might not be going fast, but I’m staying inside my ability level and getting it right.  I rather it be right and slow, than fast and messy and having the wrong type of technique.

Vertical Plyo has really helped me with building up speed.  As Shaun says himself “You have to go down to go up” and he was right about that. I have also surprised myself at how far I can actually jump.

Back to Core is a totally new and different aspect of a core workout.  The first time I did this I was sore in places I didn’t think I could be sore. And if you are swimmer, you will totally benefit from this workout.

Strength, well I have a love hate relationship with this workout.  I love it because it’s tough, but that’s also why I hate it.

I will give you another update once I finish it.