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No Someday

No Someday


We have all said someday.

I know I use to say someday.  Not anymore.  Sure I still have dreams, that I hope to complete someday, because they don’t fit into my life purpose right now.  It doesn’t mean I haven’t forgotten about them, it just means that they don’t fall in line with my current goals and my clarity statement.  That being said, some dreams, will just be dreams, or moreso idea’s.  And there is nothing wrong with idea’s.

So what is stopping you from doing what you want now?  Is it fear? Fear of the unknown, fear of what is possible.  Isn’t it better to try and fail than never try at all.  Or is it that you think you will fail.  That you think that you can’t do it?  If you want it bad enough, you make the change.  Yes change is scary, but if we don’t challenge ourselves how will we ever know our potential, of what we are totally capable of doing.

We all get too comfortable with lazy.  Lazy does not get us anywhere.  You know that term “want something done? give it to a busy person”?  Well if you haven’t heard of it, you have now.  The fact of the matter is that we all have 24 hours in a day, or 1440 minutes in a day (525,600 minutes in a year to be exact).  What are you doing in your day that is stopping you from your dreams?

If it’s important to you you make the time, it’s that simple.

So stop putting it off for someday.  Better to take small steps, than none at all.