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Why Push

If it weren’t for a friend mentioning Turbofire in a post on a forum, I would have never found out about it. I would still be unhappy and miserable, and fat.
But I did find it, and I thought to myself, wow that looks really good. So I got it and I tired it and I LOVED it.
If I didn’t find Turbofire I wouldn’t have done 30daypush, who is also by Chalene Johnson. I’ve done 30daypush twice already. And well now i’m doing it again. I picked up her book a couple of nights ago, and started working on it. I’m kinda of glad I did. It was the kick I needed. I’ve been a bit slack lately and well I just needed that little push.
Push is not just a weight loss book, it’s about working out what my priorities are and my dreams and goals.
Last year when I set my push goal it was to get to 68kg/149.6lbs, I few days in I changed it to 65kg/143lbs. I’ve had this goal since October 2012. Now I’m changing it. I’m changing it to 62kg/136.4lbs. Why this number, well this number means I would have a bmi of 22. So i have 5kg to go, which of course are going to be the hardest. But you know what I know I can do it. I’m sick of being skinny fat. People have told me know I am skinny, and it is a great feeling, but I don’t feel toned. And that’s what I want. I want to be strong, I want to be toned. So I’m going to push myself that little bit more, and I know I will get there. Sure it’s going to be slow. But slow and steady wins the race. In my opinion it’s better to do it over time, than loose it fast. Cause I don’t want to gain it all back.
So this is my plan and my goals

I will get to 62kg
I will finish a half marathon (Run Melbouren July 2012)
I will RUN a half marathon (Melb Marathon Oct 2012)
I will do tough mudder (pre registered 2013)
I will finish insanity (nearly finished run training)
I will finish tapout xt (when I finish insanity)
I will continue to run
I will eat clean and eat half or or of my exercise calories back
I will be positive
I will achieve this
Like Chalene said in push “whether you think you can or can’t, you are properly right”.