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Onion Girl Runs – Music

I’ve been trying to perfect this music list for a while. Songs have been added.  Songs have been deleted.  As for the order, well I haven’t decided yet.  I might just put it on shuffle and go from there.

This is the music I plan to listen to when I run my 15km on Sunday for Run 4 The Kids.

  1. Hung up – Madonna
  2. Lanterns – Birds of Tokyo
  3. Feel again – One Republic
  4. It’s Time – Darren Criss
  5. Everybody Talks – Jacob Artist & Becca Tobin
  6. Animal – Neon Trees
  7. Uncharted – Sara Bareilles
  8. 22 – Taylor Swift
  9. Catch My Breath – Kelly Clarkson
  10. The Man Who Never Lied – Maroon 5
  11. Jumpstart – These Kids Wear Crowns
  12. We Love – Sneaky Sound System
  13. Rest of my Life – Ludacris ft Usher & David Guetta
  14. Feel this moment – Pitbull ft Christina Aguilera
  15. Seal it with a kiss – Britney Spears
  16. Always be here – Dane Rumble
  17. Whenever – Black Eyed Peas
  18. Let me Love you – Ne-yo
  19. Don’t you worry child – Swedish house mafia
  20. Finally Found You – Enrique Iglesias ft Sammy Adams
  21. I need your love – Calvin Harris ft Ellie Coulding
  22. Crazy Beautiful Life – Ke$ha
  23. When can I see you again – Owl City
  24. Locked out of heaven – Bruno Mars

So I hope these list of songs gets you through your next workout.


Feb Running Stats

We are halfway through March already! Far out this year is just flying by!

But um where are my running stats for Feb do I hear you ask?  Ok, ok, ok, I thought I had posted them, or at least scheduled to post them, but for what ever reason, that did not happen. So sorry about that.

So how did running go in February? Pretty good actually.  I ran 3 days a week as per my schedule and everything is on track. Yay!

Onion Runs Feb 2013Total distance 88.92km done and dusted for February.

The breakdown is as follows:
January – 83.7km
February – 88.9km
Total – 172.6km
To Go – 827.40km

I did have some pretty interesting runs.  I got to run all over Steve Monaghetti.  I made him by biatch. Ok so I didn’t exactly run all over him like you think I did. It was a track named after him in Ballarat, but still 🙂 I did have a good time on that track.

I also had a very long run where I thought I was dying, it was so hot and humid, you can read about it here.

Overall I’m really happy with how things have been tracking. I’m going to still be running 3 days a week, and strength train 3 other days, but I’m going to concentrate more on speedwork.

I have a love hate relationship with speedwork.  I don’t like it.  I do like hill training however (go figure).  So I’m going to incorporate v02 max workouts on the track at least once every 2 weeks.  Well that’s the plan at least.

I 13km V2

I’ve changed my long run days from a Monday to a Saturday or Sunday.

The reason I have done this is because most of the races I’m doing are on a Sunday, so it just makes sense to getting use to running on these days.

On the 18th Feb I had a long run scheduled of 13km.


Wow, I was utterly spend during this run. I ran with my fuel belt, and drank all my water, but the 9km mark I felt like I was dying, I really did not know if I was going to be able to finish, I was just super exhausted  I felt like I was going snail pace, but I kept at it and finished it.

Today I ran the same track.  Around the same, time, but totally different weather conditions (yes it was still sunny, but not humid), and my body felt really good. I only drank 3/4 of one bottle.  I also had my belt in a better position on my hips.
The other thing I did different was this time around I brought a gu energy gel with me, which I had at about the 50min mark (9km).



The distance is a little off, as run 1 I did with my garmin, run 2 I did with nike plus and mapped it out with runkeeper (as my garmin is being a poo AGAIN!).

So it just goes to prove that everyone (me included) have off days.  Today’s run, I felt fantastic, I seriously could have just kept going.  I also bumped into a running friend at the start of my run, so we stopped and chatted for a few minutes, we plan on running together soon, which I look forward to.

I’ve never liked humidity (I could never live in Darwin), it just doesn’t agree with me, and it gives me eczema break outs. But me running in humidity wow just sucks the life force out of me, I will still run when it’s humid, as it’s important to run in any weather conditions, well I think so at least. I’m just glad that summer is now over, and the cooler weather is upon us. Yay!

Bib Arrival

Who gets excited about a bib arriving?

Well me of course.

And yes, I’ve decided to try my hand at twitter.



is my running and fitness twitter feeds.

83 down

Kilometres that is.

For the month of January I ran 83km towards my goal of running 1000 km in 2013.


nikeplus 01-2013

So how am I coming along?  Well right on track actually.

As you can see from the nike+ screen dump, I had 13 runs with an average distance of 6.4km (6.4 x 13 = 83.1 km).

Considering it was also the holiday period and what not, I’m happy with the result.  I didn’t get to run as often as I would like or as far as I wanted, but that doesn’t matter, I still went out and did it.

Now February is a shorter month, but that doesn’t phase me, I’m still going to do my best to totally smash my goal.

V2 Half Marathon Playlist

Half Marathon

I actually didn’t use this playlist for my last half marathon run.

However I did use this playlist as my training music for my half.

  1. David Guetta – Sunshine (edit) 
  2. Lady Gaga – ScheiBe  
  3. Britney Spears – 3
  4. Rihanna – Don’t stop the music 
  5. Leona Lewis & Avicii – Collide
  6. Guru Josh Project – Infinity 2008 (klass vocal edit)
  7. Elise Estrada – Insatiable
  8. Black Eyed Peas – I gotta feeling
  9. Justice Crew – Sexy and you know it
  10. Reece Mastin – Good Night
  11. Vanessa Amorosi – This is who I am
  12. Johnny Ruffo – On top
  13. Stan Walker – Loud
  14. Karmin – Broken hearted
  15. Jessica Mauboy – Gotcha
  16. Jennifer Lopez – I’m into you ft lil Wayne
  17. Taylor Swift – We are never getting back together
  18. Fun. – Some nights
  19. We are the kings – Check Yes Juliet
  20. Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne – Let it rock
  21. Fall out Boy – Thnks Fr The Mmrs
  22. Karmin – Hello!
  23. The veronica’s – Lolita
  24. Taio Cruz – Break your heart
  25. Kylie Minogue – Timebomb
  26. Havana Brown – You’ll be mine
  27. Marina and the Diamonds – Primadonna
  28. Jessica Mauboy – Inescapable
  29. Cascada – Everytime I here your name
  30. Gym Class Hereos – Ass back home
  31. Benny Benassi ft Gary Go – Cinema
  32. David Guetta – Luna
  33. Kaskade – Lessons in Love ft Neon Trees
  34. Calvin Harris ft Ne-Yo – Let’s go

Length 2.1hours

Music to Spring to

I don’t know about you, but music get’s me pumped, and motivated, and pushes me to go further.

Here is my newest playlist.

  1. Scheiße – Lady Gaga
  2. Don’t stop the music – Rihanna
  3. I gotta feeling – Black Eyed Pea’s
  4. Timebomb – Kylie minogue
  5. Break your heart – Taio Cruz
  6. 3 – Britney Spears
  7. Collide – Leona Lewis & Avicii
  8. Laserlight – Jessie J ft David Guetta
  9. Live My Life – Far East Movement ft Justin Bieber
  10. Sexy and you know it – Justice Crew
  11. More – Usher
  12. Let’s Go – Calvin Harris Ft Ne-Yo
  13. 30 Days – The saturdays
  14. Only the Horses – Scissor Sisters
  15. Ass Back Home – Gym Class Heroes ft Neon Hitch

Total Time 55.5mins

This was the playlist I was listening too when I ran my 10km pb.

So I hope this ‘Spring’ playlist gets you pumped as it did me. (And yes I did call it ‘spring in my itunes playlists).