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Run 1000km

Last year I ran approx 800km.  I say approximately because some of my runs I didn’t log.

This year I plan to run 1000km.  I initially had it at 900km, but decided to push myself that little bit more and go for it by aiming for a thousand.

For some of you that may seem like a lot of kilometers (625 miles).  But here is the breakdown.

1000km in 2013


I don’t run everyday.  If I did it would be 2.74km a day, which really is nothing.  I run at least 3 days a week.  1 day (usually a Monday) is my long run.  1 day of an easy pace run (usually 3km), and then a tempo run (on a Saturday).  So getting in 19km a week is totally achievable and doable.

Now I’ve put it out there, I have no other choice but to smash it.

I will also keep you (actually mostly just me) updated (monthly) with my progress.

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