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Run Ballarat

I found out about Run Ballarat about June. To be honest, I’m not too sure when exactly this year, but I remember finding out about it before registrations where open.

On the 27th of July (2012), I paid my $43 for my registration, not long after that I got my shirt (but via Run Geelong, yes I thought this was very weird, but I was also not aware that Run Geelong were in partners with Run Ballarat, anyway back to the story).  Yay a free shirt, and I decent dryfit t-shirt too.  I love getting free shirts.  I love having race t-shirts, and I haven’t bought them for all the races I’ve done because they can get quite expensive.

I’ve done a few other races since July until now.  Run Melbourne, and Run for Russ.  Now the time came for Run Ballarat.  I was actually really looking forward to the race.  My running time has improved 10 fold since I started running a year ago. So competing in races, not only helps me set pb’s but I love the atmosphere and the environment.  They are also truly family friendly too.  I can not wait to do a family fun run or walk, ok walk cause at the moment, the distances are a bit too much for the kids to run them.

Run Ballarat

So this is me before the run, yes I was cold, but as soon as I started running, I got hot.  I love leggings, but now that the weather is warming up it’s going to have to be shorts, and just a sports top (not a tank like I have on here).

Now loads of people where wearing their Run Ballarat Shirt, which I think is fantastic, but in my opinion you can’t wear the shirt unless you’ve earned it.  And well I hadn’t earned it yet, so I’m not wearing it. I usually like to wear my last race t-shirt, however that was Run Melbourne, and that’s a long sleeve black shirt.  I would have been roasting if I wore just that.

So I made my way over to the warm up area.  Now what is it with people not wanting to go up to the front.  Are they scared?  I don’t care.  I’d rather be up the front, and just get it over and done with.  The warm up was only 2 songs, and I was kind of disappointed with it. The first song was the nut bush.  So yes it was the nut bush dance.  I couldn’t remember all the moves, so I did get some of them wrong, but I was laughing and didn’t care.
The 2nd song, well I have actually never heard of it (as in the radio, I knew of it) until this moment. And that was the Gangum song.  I didn’t even know the dance.  I felt like  complete goof, and was laughing during the majority of it, but I was having a good time that all that mattered.

After the warm up I made my way over the the start line.  I had plan on being in the 2nd wave, so expected finish time of 55mins, as to be honest, There was no way I was going to get a time less than that.

I set my music (a genius playlist based on Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You”), and was pumped.

I liked the course (you can see it here I enjoyed running through the city, and I thought it was very well organised.  I totally loved the water stations.  Instead of cups (which let me tell you are pain, as they just go everywhere but your mouth), they had these tubes of water, where all you had to do was tear off a corner.  Seriously brilliant, and I wish all run events have these.  They are so much easier than those cups! I tore off a small hole, and was able to get the right amount of water I wanted into my mouth. They were also surprisingly easy to run with.
Running around the lake was fantastic.  However my heart rate monitor went a little bizzare at about the 5km mark.  I’m not exactly sure what happened, but there is no way my heart rate went from 170 to 237 bpm and then stayed up in the 200’s.  It was around this time I was hit with a bit of head wind, so I have a feeling this is what caused for the heart rate monitor to go a bit out of wack.

By about 9km I was starting to feel tired, but I kept the pace up (I was keeping approx a 5min pace, which for me is fast). When I got to the 10km marker I knew the end was in sight.  So gave it my all.  I crossed the line in 53:58 (official time).  I ranked at 311. So I’m very happy with that.  Considering there were over 870 competitors running the 11km race.
So yes that does mean I ranked in the top 35% overall.  Age group no clue, as they haven’t put those filters in.

So overall had a great time.  And look forward do running it again next year. The event was highly organised and run (no pun intended there) efficiently.  I did see that someone on the Run Ballarat facebook page complained about the road closures, but coming from out of town, and not being a local there were plenty of signs to warn people, and there were fliers and posters all over town, and in the paper, and on the radio.  So the fact that this person complained I found annoying.  But what can you do, there is always going to be one person who ain’t happy. Maybe they need to get out an run.  Because that runners high afterwards is so worth it.

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