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I grew up with my mum instilling in me not to waste stuff.

I’m teaching my kids to do the same.

We really are a wasteful society.  Everything is throw away.  No one seems to care about the environment or how the next generation will live. Which is sad really.

Tonight for me is bin night, for both normal waste, and recyclables.  Although the recyclable bin is only 3/4 full it only gets collected once a fortnight.  This is the only bin I put out.  The other ‘normal’ bin only had 3 small bags of rubbish in it.
Yep, only 3 small bags, hardly worth me putting it out to get collected.  So that’s how much waste the 3 of us produced in this house that could not be composted or recycled.

I totally love my compost now.  I have a bigger bucket, as previously I was using an icecream container and it wasn’t big enough.  Usually once a day sometimes every second day I will dump all the organic material onto the compost.  The worms must be loving it.
But the best part, the soil that is coming out of the compost, just amazing.  Worms are wonderful things!

I know that there are others out there like me who don’t produce a lot of waste for landfill, which is a great thing.  It’s just a shame that others don’t do the same. I hate see rubbish littered on the roads, on the streets, and in our parks. People just don’t care, they put it in the too hard basket.

So I may only be one person, but I’m one person making a difference, and I hope you do the same too.

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