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Life – Happens

So  have been absent, in the sense that I haven’t posted anything for a while.

Well there has been nothing really new to share or post about.

So I thought I would post some general things that have been happening in my life.

I now own a bikini and I must say I do love it.  I went to Swimwear Galore (in Geelong) and got this little number.

Ok so the bottoms are slightly different but that’s what I got, and I like it, and I can’t wait until the weather warms up and I can wear it on the beach.  I don’t look as good as her, I’m not a model, I have had 2 children, but you know what that doesn’t matter, because I’m happy with my body and I like my new suit.

I’ve also been training for Run Ballarat which just happens to be this Sunday.  It’s no longer going to be a 12km course 😦 . It is now a 11km course.  Why the sad face.  Cause well I was looking forward to running 12km’s.  Should be an interesting track, and I’m hoping that I get a sub 56min time.  Actually anything under and hour would be great.

The last 2 weeks my body has definitely been feeling the changes. And no I don’t mean menopause.  I just mean changes of routine.

First their were school holidays.
So I got a bit slack with logging my food and with eating.  However I did not put on any weight. So looks like my body is at it’s natural set point weight.

Then second – Daylight savings.  The time difference sent me into a zombie state.  It also did not help that on the 1st Monday of Daylight savings change (8th October), I went on my scheduled 16km long run. I only just feel now like my body is recovering from it. It took a lot out of me for whatever reason.  However I did keep a good pace, and if I keep at that pace, I should get my sub 2 hour time when I do my half marathon in Portland on 4th November.

But now that we have been in daylight savings for a week, I feel that I’ve adjusted to the time difference.

I’m really enjoying the days getting warmer, however it makes me realise that running is really a winter sport.  I went for a run yesterday afternoon, and I was feeling it.  And it wasn’t all that hot either. So I’m going to have to some early morning runs, or do shorter runs, but at a higher intensity, I will work something out because I always do.

So life happens.  But one thing for certain I am definitely enjoying my life more now than I did a year ago. Why?
Well getting fit and healthy has been a part of that, but I feel like I have gotten to know me again, and have a better family relationship with my kids.  Also finding something that loves me for me has helped that part of the equation too.

So enjoy life, enjoy moments, and live.  For you, and no one else.


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