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Or is it?

So I have been Listening to the podcast “The Smarter Science of Slim”. And well the subject of this particular podcast was CALORIES. Yes I’m putting that in capitals, cause well I think it’s important.

When I first started out on my weight loss journey it was all about calories. Calories in vs calories out. But now that I have progressed in my journey I now know that a calorie is not JUST a calorie.

For example take a look at the following:





So why did I pick these 2 particular foods?

Well 1 because I have both of them in my house, and 2 they are extremely different.

Now let me tell you I ate 50g of jelly beans the other day (about 24 jelly beans, yes I weighed and counted them), and I felt really gross afterwards.  I was mindless eating, just putting things in my mouth cause it was there.

So is a calorie a calorie?  Well yes a calorie is a calorie, BUT it all comes down to the quality of the calorie. I mean just look at the difference in macro’s between the 2 foods.

In the broccoli we have 7g of carbs, and 2g of sugars.  Compared to 98g of carbs and 80g of sugar in the jelly beans.
The broccoli also has dietry fibre, sodium and potassium, vitamins a & c, and calcium and iron, while the jelly beans have none of that.

One thing for sure, I’d rather eat 100g of broccoli than eat 100g of jelly beans.

Ok so yeah I might eat 100g of jelly beans in one session, but I wont feel good afterwards.  But if I eat the 100g of broccoli, I will feel full and satisfied. And I rather feel satisfied that meh/blah.

So like anything it comes down to quality. They weren’t joking when they say “you are what you eat”.  So don’t be fast, cheap and easy, and majority of the time fake.  Go with the quality foods.

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