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10km Turn

With the kids away at their dad’s for the weekend you think I would have gotten a sleep in.  Alas that did not happen.  Why does that always happen?  You have the opportunity to sleep in and yet you are up bright eyed and bushy tailed at the time your alarm would normally go off.  However even though I got an early morning start, I still got a good nights sleep.

My first job for the day was to get air in the back tire of my bike.  It was FLAT, so walked up to the bike shop and got air pumped into.  Now I can ride my bike more often.  It’s not the best bike in the whole world.  I did buy it 2nd hand for like $20 (I did have to buy a new seat cause the one on there was horrid).  I would love to buy a new bike, but I will wait until next year, it’s not urgent and well I don’t have the funds for it at the moment.

So after getting air in my tires, and running my errands up the street, I came back home and did the housework, and also worked on Miss K’s quilt (which is finished, and she totally loves it).  Made some sandwiches to share at run club and at 1.30 I rode the 800m to the clubrooms.  Yes it is actually that far, ok not far, but close.  I used my gps watch to calculate it.

This particular run would be my last with the club (even though it’s the 2nd last race for the season).  Next week is the last ‘Big Hill’ Race, and I unfortunately will not be here, I will be away at a prior weekend commitment.  Which is a shame 😦 I also think it’s funny in a weird way that my 1st race with the club I rode my bike, and now my last race, I rode my bike.  Yeah bit weird.

Anyway chatted to some of my running friends.  Ms J was like “omg Matilda are you trying to kill me!”
Why am I trying to kill her? Well I’m not, but I did give her ‘Insanity’ to try out, and she tired it out, and thought she was going to die, she was so sore the next day.  I did warn her it is intense.  So then we started talking about fitness and other races coming up.  One being the Portland half marathon on 4th November.  Which I haven’t decided if I would like to do or not.

After the chat we drove out to the start line.  Out in the ironbarks, my fav place to run.  I hadn’t done this track before (parts of it), but it was a great track.  I was handicapped with Ms J.  She is a faster runner than me and I knew it was going to be hard to keep up with her.  We got partially distracted while we were waiting to be called.  When we did get called we had 20 seconds to get our jackets off and get to the start line.  I hadn’t even started my watch until 100m into the run.  Opps.  Next time Matilda pay attention.

J went out hard and fast, and there was no way I was going to keep up her pace, I was going pretty fast, but I felt pretty good. The course was true cross country style.  Mud, lots of it.  Had to slow down in quite a few places, and nearly slipped and fell into a mud pile, but managed to save myself, and not end up a muddy mess.

So J was out in front, I did my best to make the gap between us as short as possible.  Around the 8km mark Mr D came out of no where.  He was wearing black and just did not see him, he flew past me.  There was no way I was going to keep up with him.  I was just hoping that J could keep him behind me.

After the 9km mark I was coming in 3rd, had past 4 people and knew only J & D were in front.  My mission now was to keep M behind me.  Now M is a fast runner, so I picked up my pace and gave it all I got.

Sometimes it’s good to run with people who are faster than you, it gives you real determination to keep up with them.  Now I was pushing hard, and when I got to the finish line I came in 3rd. What a great end to my last race.  But the best part? I got a sub 50min time!  A sub 50! You have no idea how amazed I was at that.  I didn’t think I would get a sub 50 time for a while yet.  I had set a goal to get a sub 52min time.  Well I smashed that out of the water. So I might have to reassess my time goals.

So my time for the race was 49.23 you can see the race details here SAAC Stawell Sportspower 10km by matilda_i at Garmin Connect – Details.
The time is slightly different because I started my watch late, so I will go with the times that the time keeper kept.

The last 30 days have definitely been a goal smashing period. I have achieved a lot of personal bests in that time frame, and that tells me a lot of things.
1. That I am improving
2. That I am determined
3. I’m not setting high enough goals.

So in just a few weeks I have not only got a 5km personal best, but a 10km one.  I’m really smashing these goals.

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