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Preparation & Organisation

I don’t know if it’s because I’m a mum or because of the fitness, but one thing for sure I’m a lot more organised than I use to be.

If anything I think the fitness, and setting goals as really helped me to become more organised in my life.  Which can’t be a bad thing.  It also helps to have an accountability person.  Because sometimes you just need that extra push from someone to get the job done.

So yesterday I was looking at my calendar, which I look at every day, but this time around I was looking at what was coming up (as I do every week), and I realised that I only 4 weeks left of the training program that I am on.
I’m currently doing a P90x/Turbofire hybrid (with running, I just sub the cardio portion with the running instead – on my allocated running days).

I had always planned on doing Insanity the Asylum.

But wanted to do it closer in preparation to my Tough Mudder event in Jan 2013.  So yesterday I got out the Insanity Asylum calendar, only to discover that it’s only a 30 day program! Insert sad face 😦
Why a sad face you say? Well all the other programs I have done have been 60 to 90 days long.  So 30 days to me seems really short.  It also means that by doing the program it will only cover me until November, which still leaves 6 weeks to fill in. So what to do?
Well never fear cause I always have a plan.  I still plan on doing Insanity the Asylum, but I plan on doing it this way.  Insanity Asylum/ P90x / Running hybrid, then Insanity Asylum / Running hybrid.  That will cover me until my Tough Mudder and also get me prepared for it. So I’m super excited, just need to block it out in my calendar, which I plan on doing it today.
The reason I mark it in my diary/calendar is because 1. I like being prepared, 2. it keeps me organised, 3. it makes me accountable, 4. it keeps me fit and healthy.

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