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I am a runner

I enjoy running so much more now than when I did it when I was in high school.  I’m not even sure why I did it in high school.  I guess I was good, but I didn’t think so.  I hated how my lungs felt like they were bursting.  I know now that cardiovascular wise back then I was not fit at all.

Running has changed my life in a good way.  It clears my head.  And when they say it’s cheaper than therapy, it really is.  It does make me feel better. Sure there are days where I really am not in the mood to run, but then I go and run, and I always makes me feel better.

You know when you are a runner when you start looking at your statistics. Like how fast you are going, your pace per lap, your distance, your elevation, your heart rate and so on.
Or when you run rain hail or shine.  And believe me I have.  I have had people look at me while running in the rain, and I’m sure they are thinking “Is she crazy?” Crazy cause I love it, and I bet some of them wish they were out there, but I bet most wouldn’t.
I look look forward to my running days, and I hate it when a meeting/appointment/commitment etc interfere’s with my running days.  I don’t like that.

So far this year I have entered into 4 fun runs.  I have one more coming up (I’ve mentioned it before – Run Ballarat). My last run was my previous post (Run For Russ).  Today they posted the results.  I came 6th in the Women, and 27th overall (out of 70+ runners that were doing the 10km).  My time 50.41 (that they recorded, not what I recorded). That is one HUGE pb for me.  I not only got my sub 54 time, I totally smashed it.  That time was my bitch!

So yes I’m a runner. And I will continue to run.

Run For Russ Run

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