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So Close

I have another fun run coming up 5th August.  It’s 10km. Best part is that it’s local, so I will actually be able to walk to the start line, and walk home! Yay.  My goal for this race is to get a sub 54min time. I chose this time after I did Run the Gap in May.  When I did the 11.5km then I manage to do 10km in 56mins (approx).  I thought yeah, I could do 55mins, but then I thought, lets push myself some more, lets see if I can do under 54mins.

Well today I scheduled a 10km run.  That 10km I did in 54m07s! So only 8 seconds to shave off to get that sub 54min time.  8 seconds isn’t much, but it’s also a lot when it comes to a race. That being said, running in a race is very different to running on your own.  When you run with other people you really push yourself more, and that’s what I’m hoping for.  I’m hoping that this race will help smash my 10km sub 54 time.

I’ll keep you posted in how it goes.

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