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Surprised myself

When I was in Melbourne for my half marathon I picked up a few things.  1 being another pair of running shoes (they were on sale $70 off, so I figured they will be good to have, to rotate the shoes, so I get more wear out of them). 2. an agility ladder.  Ok it’s not exactly a ladder, more of a hexagon shape, but it does the same thing.  It was cheaper than the actual ladder, and I figured I’d get more use out of it with the kids (and I was right, they love it). 3. was to get myself a pull up bar.  The one I wanted to get, doesn’t really fit on any of my door frames.  I have a weird house with different sized doors.  So I went with the chin up bar. It’s a start and it will get me to my goal of to being able to do 5 pull ups.

Well yesterday the pull up bar got installed.  I tired it then, and failed.  Failed in the sense that I could only bring myself up halfway. However it was pointed out to me that I may have not being giving it everything.  So this morning, I gave it everything I had.  And I did it.  And to prove to myself that it was not a one off.  I did it again, well just before lunch that is.  So if I can continue to do one a few times a day, it will increase my strength. And once I can do a chin up, mastering a pull up will be easier.

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