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It’s Tomorrow

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is the 15th!  The 15th July!, that means my half marathon has come around! Wow a half marathon! A half marathon! Yes I’m repeating myself here, and putting it in bold so you understand the significance of this to me.  I still can’t believe that I decided to do a half marathon, wait, that I have decided to do the half marathon now.  As my intention was to always do one, but I was aiming for the melbourne marathon, and doing the half then.  So yes this is a big thing, especially considering that this time last year I only just started to run.  But look how far I’ve come! Yeah proud moment.

So now I’m starting to get nervous.  Not too sure how I’m going to sleep tonight, I’m hoping not restless, I would like some solid sleep, considering I still have to drive home, but either way I’m doing it, even if I walk part of it, but my aim is to run it, and run it all.

Today I went into the city.  For 2 reasons, to go to the health and fitness expo, and also to go into Kathmandu.  The expo itself was a bit disappointing.  Hopefully it’s better tomorrow.  I did pick up my pace band for the race.  My aim is to finish it in 2h15, so I grabbed the 2h10 pace band.  So approx 6.10mins per km. That is a bit faster than I’m aiming for but I’ll just play it by ear, or by legs, in this case.

I really hope it goes well, and that we have decent weather.  There are lots of what ifs, and I’d rather not think of them, but you can’t help it.  You just think of these things.  There will always be things out of my control, but I wont let it bring me down.  I’m doing this, and I’m crossing a goal off my list, hopefully 2.

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