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A very popular program here in Australia. Don’t get me wrong I love the trainer, however I DO NOT AGREE with the program.  It’s really frustrating because someone in the fitness industry should IMO not be teaching weightloss in this way.

It’s all about knowing your numbers.
Ok so here are my stats from when i first started vs now
TDEE – 1872 Cals (no exercise) | 2451 cals (taking into account 6 days of intense exercise)
BMR – 1560 cals | 1421

If you want to know your own numbers, then use fitness frog,

For me I don’t eat below my bmr, which is now 1421.  This is what my body needs to survive each day.  If I weren’t doing any exercise, then yes it might be possible for me to eat the minimum of 1200 cals a day, however I’d be starving, and well, I’d mostly binge out on  food, and that would not be good and no point going there cause that totally defeats the purpose of weight loss.
Ok so this is where I don’t agree on her method.  Sure go eat your 1200 calories.  But for goodness sakes EAT BACK YOUR EXERCISE CALORIES.  If she is asking you to burn 300-500 calories a day from exercise your net calories are 1200-300/500 = 900/700 calories  NET calories.  So that means that you would be fueling your body with very little fuel.  Have you seen high athletes eat when they are in training.  They eat ALOT.  So please don’t think you have to eat less to lose weight. If you want to train like an athlete (and even though I don’t see myself as an athlete, I do like training like one), then obviously you need to eat like an athlete.  So FUEL YOUR BODY.  Eat your exercise calories back! It means you get to eat more food! And well if you are like me, I love food.  And it means you do get to have those luxuries that you loved before you started all this.
I’m not going to deny it, I have a sweet tooth, and yes I will have some lollies or chocolate cake or sometimes even icecream.  But I allocate the calories for it.  I can’t just give it up.

The program itself besides this stupid flaw of NOT EATING BACK EXERCISE CALORIES, it is a good program.  However I think people would actually get better results if exercise calories were eaten.

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