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Honk, Whistle & a Yeah

I really love running.  I never thought that I would get jealous of people running while I’m in the car going somewhere.  Yesterday afternoon I kept seeing all these people running, and I was like, oh man, I wish that was me.

Well today I got my last training run in.  8km speedwork.  Ok it was a casual fartlek run, but I kept a good pace, and a good speed when I did do the fartlek. What I don’t understand is the honks, the whistles and the yeah I got.  Is it because I look stupid running?  Or is it because it’s a good for you, and I wish I was out there? Or is it because ‘you’re hot’?  Or is it a “I know you so “hello'”. I have no idea, but it’s weird.

Who knows, all I know is, that I love running, and it has helped me in more ways than one.

So honk whistle and yeah as much as you like, I’m still going to run.

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