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This time last year I was kidding myself if I thought I was not a size 18.  I was wearing size 16 clothes at the time, and I did not want to go to a size 18, yet my size 16 stuff just wasn’t fitting, and not in a loose way.  I had to face it, I was getting fat.

Fast forward 1 year.  I’m now comfortably in a size 12.  Actually for some things a size 10! For example the skirt I am wearing,  it’s a size 12, but if it weren’t for my belt well it wouldn’t be around my waist.  That’s the other thing, I’m also on the last notch of my belt!

I can finally say “I’m skinny!” and the best part, I feel skinny too. It’s a nice change that’s for sure.

The other size change is in the underwear department.  I’m talking bra’s.   It was time, time to stop wearing the sports bra’s, and tank tops style bra’s and actual go buy something girly.
I could not tell you the last time I was a 12c.  Sometime in high school over 10 years ago most likely.  Then it slowly went to 14c, 14d, 14dd, and that was before I got pregnant.  Then my boobs did some serious growing in those pregnancy months.  Yes I will admit it, I blew out to a 16e.  Then well I stayed a 16 for a long time. However I could not tell you what size I was a year ago, cause well I haven’t kept any of my fat bra’s. The last nice non tank top bra I bought was around November last year, and that was a 14d, that is now not fitting, even though it is a nice bra, and it is pink, it don’t fit.
So today I splurged, and picked up some nice underwear. I know it’s not much to some, but it means something to me.  Why? Well for once in my life I actually feel good about how I look and how I feel. And there is nothing nicer than feeling good in what you are wearing, especially if it helps you to actually feel sexy, which you have not felt in a very long time.

The next step will be summer clothes, as well I have already gone through the wardrobe and gotten rid of the ill fitting stuff, to make room for what is to come.  Bring on summer I say then.

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