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The light goes out

Tomorrow (2nd July), I get to attend my 1st ever funeral.  Not exactly a fantastic 1st, especially considering it is also my sisters birthday.  However it does make you appreciated life and how short it really is.  Yes it’s not fair that love ones should die, it’s not fair that love ones should be in pain.  It’s just this system of things, but I’m not going to go into that aspect right now.

I still get alone really well with my Mother in law aka MIL/nanamoo.  It is her father that past away, that’s the funeral I will be attending.  And even though I only knew him for a short period of time, he still had an impact on our lives.  Moreso my kids lives.

Pa Russell didn’t say much but it always too notice. Whenever Miles would say Pa Russell it would come out Puzzle.  It was very cute, and it stuck.
So Puzzle will always be remembered as the thumbs up Pa who gave out banana lollies.

And even though his light has gone out, he wont be forgotten.

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