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One of my goals for the year is to complete a half marathon. This goal is only new to my list of goals for the year.  The reason it is new, (well I never thought I would become a runner),  is because I’ve achieved my 5km goal, and my 10km goal.  I enjoy running a lot.  And sometimes you need to push yourself, so I put a half marathon on my list.

I had always planned on doing RunMelbourne. I actually had my goal of doing the 10km then, and doing my half marathon in October in the Melbourne Marathon (they do a  half, a 10km and a 5km as well).

In April I did Run for the kids.  It was 5.2km.  I totally loved it.  I purchased b210k to build myself up to 10km.  As I was hoping to do the 11km at  Run The Gap in Halls Gap.  Well I surprised myself.  I finished the 10km program early (it’s 6 weeks, but ( did it in 4 weeks).
I actually had signed up to do the 6km at Run The Gap.  But changed it just days before to do the 11km (which ended up being 11.5km).  The race was amazing and I really pushed myself and was really happy with my end result and time.

I knew the early bird cut off for Run Melbourne was/is 15th June.  I knew that if I wanted to do it then I would have to register before that time.  Well I bit the bullet and decided to register for the half marathon.  As I looked at my training schedule and told myself, yeah totally doable.  I also decided that I would not run the entire thing.  That my goal would be to finish it.  So this means walking.  I plan on doing 5:1 intervals.  My average pace is 5.40mins per km. However I don’t plan on running that fast.  I plan to run at at pace of at least 6.30mins to 7.15mins per km.  I know the 2nd half (2nd 10km) will be a lot harder than the 1st half.
So why am I starting to freak out, well I’m starting to doubt myself.  Can I actually do this?  Yeah I know I can, and it’s totally normal to feel this way? Right? Well I hope so.  I mean this is a big jump for me.  It’s 10km to 21.1km! The furthest I’ve run (using 5:1 intervals) is 13km.  I will just keep at it, and push those doubts aside.

Because whether you think you can or you can’t, you are properly right.  And I’ve always believed that there is no such word as can’t.

So I will do, even if it is a little scary.

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