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Ever have those days?

Where… hmm I don’t know how to explain it, but I will do as best as I can. 

Ok so today marks the birth of me. I’ve been around now for 32 years.  Still a spring chicken? Well I hope so.
I stopped making a big deal about (my) birthdays a few years ago.  Why? Well because I had been disappointed too many times, and well, why should it be restricted to being told that I’m awesome and appreciated etc to just 1 day of the year.  Well I do hope you know what I mean. 

So I tired to kept the day as close to normal as possible.  And you know what I totally enjoyed it.  Yeah growing old is a privilege denied to many, so I don’t deny growing up or old.  In fact I enjoy my life more now than I ever did.  Sure it has it’s ups and downs but I’m truly happy, in fact the happiest I’ve been in a very long time. 

It was also good to spend time with my family, my new friends and even get an email from a friend I lost in contact with many years ago. 

Some times things just come full circle. 

So do you see what I mean? Ever have one of those days? Today was that day, and I don’t and didn’t mind. 

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