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Run The Gap

From May 2012

So today was my 11k Run The Gap run. (
I signed up for this on the same day that I signed up for Run For The Kids (so back in Feb I believe). I initally entered to do 6kms, but changed it to the 11km. Back in Feb there was no way I would have believed that I would have been able to do the 11km’s. But Bridge to 10km got me there.
Woke up early, and drove out to Halls Gap. I was worried that the kangaroo’s would be out, as they love this time, but thank goodness for road works, cause I did not see a single one.
SAAC was out helping with the logistics (like directions, records etc). Most of them ran yesterday (it was 8km, and yeah there was no way I was going to do 8km and then 11km the next day).
Let me tell you it was cold!, but once I started running I was fine.
I love running in new places. Halls Gap is so pretty, and it was wonderful to see the sun come up over the grampians.
The hardest part of the race was the hill up to bellview dam. OMG let me tell you it was tough, I slowed right down (to a 7 something pace, which for me is very slow). I kept telling myself, what goes up must come down.
Made up for lost time, on an awesome downhill stretch.
I really pushed myself. My normal long distance pace is about 6mins (average), sometimes more, sometimes less. My average pace during this race ws 5.30 which I’m really happy about, however my muscles will be very sore tomorrow. So might have to subsitite a run for a walk, but we’ll see.
So had fun, and glad I did it. Totally smashed my goal. I wanted to run a 10km race in 70mins. Well this was an 11km race, and I did it in 1hr3m46s, so BOOYEAH!
Still going to register for the half marathon in July but I’m going to run/walk that, and my aim will be to finish it.
So overall a great day.

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