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Mooroonpal Ocean swim

From February 2012

So today was the day, the day where I get to cross of “Ocean Swim” from my 2012 Health Goals.
I’ve always loved swimming, but swimming laps is very different from swimming in the ocean that’s for sure.
I decided to put “ocean swim” on my health goals list because 1. I’ve never done one before, 2. I will help me get to my push goal (65kg).
So I trained up the distance in the local pool. I knew I could swim 1km in a pool in about 25mins. I did have in my goal to do the ocean swim in 27 minutes. However once I was in the water I knew that it was just not going to be possible. As I said before swimming in a pool is very different to swimming in the ocean. In a pool you have a black strip to follow, so you always know you are going straight. In the ocean you do not have that. You also have the currents and the waves to deal with. That is why I found it very difficult to swim freestyle. Yes it was possible for me to swim freestyle, but whenever I did I would veer off. So I just found it easier sticking with breaststroke because then I could see where I was going, and that to me was important because who wants to swim unnecessary distances.
I wasn’t the only one swimming breaststroke either, so that was comforting to know. I knew that I was never going to come first, and I was ok with that. And if I came dead last so be it, but I didn’t. I was in the end group but again didn’t care; I was going to finish and that all that mattered.

My finish time was 28 mins. So really only 1 min more than I expected, and I will take it.

Mooroonpal Ocean swim

Me at the finish line (my sister took the photo for me)

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