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It’s a family thing

From May 2012

I’ve said it before, but I never thought I would be a runner (again). My mum runs, and I use to run in high school (hence the again).
I’m glad however that I have a love of running, it really is cheaper than therapy. Well it looks like we have another runner in our family, in my darling daughter Miss K. She is 5.
Saturday is the SAAC run (saac standing for Stawell Amateur Athletic Club), it happened to be over in Horsham. I didn’t really want to drive to Horsham twice in one weekend, but I figured if I don’t go I wont be going to another run until June, so I better get this one in.
I decided to put K in it. 1 so to have some one on one time with her, and 2 because I would like it to be a family thing we could do together.
Well she was nervous, but I ran it with her. It was 2km for the sub juniors, and I told her if she needs to stop to walk she can. Well she did stop and walked for a little bit but only because she tripped over a hole. She still got up and kept going. She didn’t have a handicap because this was the 1st time she ever ran, so yes she came last, but considering she ran it 95% of the time hey she did an excellent job. She ran the 2km in 14.28mins, not bad for someone who is 5! That’s a 7.15min pace! Some adults can’t even go that fast. Needless to say I’m very proud of her.
I then went and ran my race which was 8km, and lets just say I got tired, but I did run faster than my normal pace, which is properly why my run today was slow.
So I will be taking her to the next event, and when Master M is older, he will give it a go too.

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