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Saturday 2nd of June we drove to Horsham to 1. do a bit of shopping, but 2. to do the SAAC run.

I wasn’t sure how Miles would go, considering his age.  However he did really well. He ran the 1km under 10mins.  Yes his run, was a walk for me, but that’s not the point.  He ran it and how many 3 year olds do you know run 1km? I know only 1, and that is my boy.

Kayla also did really well, she knew that I wouldn’t be able to run with her because I had to run with Miles. She did AWESOME. She ran the 1km in 5m54! I know adults who can’t run that fast.  I know she was really pushing herself because she was running with others. Her handicap didn’t get added on until the very end.  Yes she was disappointed that she didn’t get a prize but that’s not the point, she did an amazing job.

I’m so glad they enjoyed the run, it means we have something to do as a family that is fun, and healthy.

To see the article go here


(I didn’t take this photo, it’s curtsey of the SAAC website)

My 2 are in the middle 😀

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